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EA, The Hoya 77mm UX UV Camera Filter from Hoya is a lens filter that, when attached to your lens, permits only the visible spectrum of light rays to enter the camera and get captured by the sensor. HOYA’s ‘UX’ UV filter is equipped with 10-layer anti-reflective and HMC-WR (water-repellent) coating. It is a redesign of the previous HMC UV(C) model and sits within the new ‘UX’ essential series, alongside the slim ‘UX’ CIR-PL filter. The ‘UX’ series is a design concept, aimed at users wishing to improve their photography. It offers HOYA’s famous quality, at reasonable prices, with basic and contemporary features. ‘UX’ in the series name stands for “User eXperience”, inspired by the memorable experiences that users acquire through using these filters. By naming this series ‘UX’, HOYA aims to offer users better individual experiences through all the activities connected with their photography. Though not visible to the naked eye, UV light rays are visible to camera sensors and film. They can adversely affect the image when shooting in locations like seasides, landscapes or mountainous environments, resulting in blurred contours or faded and whitish images. UV filters are able to suppress the UV spectrum contained in daylight that causes poor effect on images. This filter can be used with both film and digital cameras and provides more vivid images. In addition, by keeping it constantly attached to the lens, this filter serves as everyday lens protection. Hoya UX filters use a low-profile aluminium frame which avoids vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses.

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  • Hoya 77mm UX UV Camera Filter

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