Product Description

EA, This K&F Concept 49mm VND Filter ND8-ND2000 makes it easier to achieve effects such as a shallower depth of field or blurred motion. Try an ND, or neutral density filter. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens.

This K&F Concept 49mm VND Filter ND8-ND2000 neutral density filter can be adjusted from ND8 to ND2000, easy to create different neutral density by rotating the ring.

  • Allows the use of slow shutter speeds, with high speed films or digital cameras, to record movement/image blur in subjects.
  • Decrease the depth of field by using wider apertures, which helps separate subjects from their background.
  • The MIN denotes ND8 (3 f-stop) and the MAX denotes ND2000(11 f-stops),gives you full control over your content.

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