Product Description

EA, The Yunteng VCT 5208 Phone & Camera Stand is designed for Mobile Phones, DSLR, and Sports Cameras. The Yunteng VCT 5208 Phone & Camera Stand features high-quality aluminum alloy and are selected through special surface treatment, produced by a rigorous examination, lightweight and sturdy and easy to carry. Able to adapt to the crude complex environment of the terrain. Both for traditional cameras, digital cameras and also suitable for the use of small cameras. Technical Information Model: YUNTENG VCT-5208 Head: three-dimensional head Moving Head angle: 360 degrees Tilt (downward): 90 degrees Tilt (up): 65 degrees Material: ABS High quality aluminum and plastic combined Weight: about 0.6kg Maximum load: 1.5kg Number of leg sections: 4 Maximum leg diameter: about 18mm Tripod storage height: 43cm Tripod Minimum height: 43cm Tripod Maximum height: 125cm

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